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A new place. A new face.


A new place

We're in the process of consolidating space and merging our current 13 factories into one. It will give us a lot more space, greater efficiency, and the room we need to implement more technology. We expect to begin operations at the new premises in mid-2022, completing our transition toward the end of the year.


A new face

To coincide with these exciting new developments, we're also in the process of rebranding our company. We'll still be the same great team, providing the same great products and services but now with a fresh new face. We feel it's about time to bring the family name behind the brand to the fore. Check out what we have in store for you in the coming months, as we continue our mission to bring good food to every plate.

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Time for good food

The key to cooking anything perfectly? It’s time. Get it right, and your ingredients can be completely transformed. Whether it’s low and slow, for incredible tenderness, or a moment of heat that seals in flavour, Meyer Food Co has been cooking Australia’s best for over 33 years. So we’ve had a lot of time to get it right. Family-owned and run, we know that quality is a habit. Not just once, but every time.

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Pioneers since 1988

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Our trick is that we never take shortcuts
- not with our customers, not with our products or each other, so that you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that we will produce perfectly cooked, quality good food every time. Because we know that your business depends on us to deliver.


Serving our markets

In the coming months, we will introduce business division names. Our internal departments will remain the same. This is simply a way for us to be more effective in how we speak to the markets that we serve.

This division will specialise in FMCG products and customers. We help to create and innovate retail products and brands leveraging consumer trends and new technology.

This division will specialise in supply to the foodservice trade via our distributors to QSR, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants & Cafes.

We have long been a leader in institutional foodservice to Hospitals and Aged Care. This division will continue to lead the market and offer education, support and specialised service.

This division is designed to cater for our growing demand as part of the supply chain to some of Australia’s largest agri-businesses.

Pioneering Innovators

From pioneering sous vide in Australia with bespoke equipment to the fresh ideas we cook up every day, we're no strangers to innovation. For this reason, we're creating a sub-brand for our NPD team to promote our innovative thinking.

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Follow our progress

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