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Get the best of many worlds. 100% all natural premium Australian beef, sous vide slow cooked in the traditional way and sliced in the safest slicing facility in Australia. The result is perfectly safe, perfectly cooked succulent sliced beef.
Roast Beef Silverside

Great quality fully sous vide cooked - tender and juicy every time.  Go 4mm for main meals or choose 2mm for salads & sandwiches etc.

Marinated Beef

Slow cooked roast beef in a light garlic & herb marinade for extra tenderness and flavour. 4mm slices make a great mains. 2mm an awesome sandwich.

Corned Silverside Flat

An Aussie favourite - enjoy sous vide slow cooked, tender and juicy salt-cured corned beef. Sliced 4mm for mains or 2mm for sandwiches etc.

Corned Eye Round

Salt-cured, tender and juicy – time after time. This traditional Aussie favourite comes sliced 4mm for main meals or 2mm as a deli meat.

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