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Our Co. Founder Michael Meyer in the Permanent Pantry Days
Hi, We're Meyer Food Co.


We’re the single largest dedicated sous vide foods manufacturer in Australia. Founded by identical twin brothers, Nicholas and Michael Meyer, in 1988 under the name Bryopin, we pioneered traditional sous vide meat cooking in this country. We remain a family-owned and operated business, employing over 100 staff.

Nick’s sons, Anthony and Alex, are Managing Director and Sales Director respectively. Michael’s daughter, Fiona, is the Human Resources and Credit Director.

Hi, We're Meyer Food Co
Bryopin Sales Teams with Meals on Wheels Donation

Our Mission

To bring good food to every plate.

Our Vision
A Modernist Approach to Good Food


At the heart of our process is The Meyer Method, which is essentially sous vide cooking at scale. Sous vide is a very modern cooking technique which was invented as recently as 1971 in France by Bruno Goussault and George Pralus. The technique was later perfected by some of the world's most prominent chefs, including Spanish chef Ferran Adrià of Michelin 3-star restaurant el Bulli and British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal. Their Modernist approach to cuisine rejected the notion that cooking must be all about the past and that authenticity is the most important thing. Everything in cooking was invented at some point. It just so happens that the best possible way to produce consistently excellent textures and flavours is a modern invention. Meyer Food Co. has embraced this scientific approach to food, taking it out of the haughty world of Haute Cuisine and into the world of the mass market. We do this because we believe everyone has the right to experience proper good food, whatever your background or budget.

A chef adding finishing touches to a dish
The Betterment of Food for All


Food is getting better all the time. We now have this expectation that when you sit down for a meal it will be of a certain standard - a standard that is always rising. We're let down when we find ourselves checked in to a hospital or stuck on a long-haul flight and the standard drops. Meyer Food Co's goal is to raise the bar across the board so that the standard never drops. That way the beef short ribs you tuck into at your local RSL aren't just as good as the ones you had on your honeymoon, they're, quite possibly, the best short ribs you've ever had in your life!

220308_Meyer Food Co_03_0189.jpg
A Commitment to Better


We never sit still. Betterment is not a static position. We're always looking for ways to improve our technique and product. If something better than sous vide comes along tomorrow we'll be all over it. We're about making food more consistent, more delicious, more sustainable and more affordable for all. That's what guides our methods.


Our Vision

To be the number one choice in sous vide food manufacturing in Australia by consistently delivering remarkable food for reasonable prices.

Our co-founders, Nicholas Meyer (left) and Michael Meyer (right) dressed in suits
Our Story
A Tale of Two Twins


Meyer Food Co's story begins with two enterprising and identical twin brothers, Nicholas and Michael Meyer. A dreamer and a pragmatist, their complementary skillset would serve them well in life and business. Born in Reading, they attended Ampleforth College as boarders, learning much about leadership and hard work. In their early twenties, they immigrated to Australia and were struck by the far superior quality of Australian beef. They had grown up eating tough leathery cuts of meat. Both with a life-long passion for good food, they knew their futures somehow lay in working with this glorious product. It would be many years later before they would start down a path that would lead to their pioneering efforts with the 'sous vide' process and to the foundation of what would become the single largest dedicated manufacturer of sous vide foods in Australia, Meyer Food Co.

The Twins on Motorbikes
A Strong Business Backbone


The twins were natural-born leaders. They found early success in a wide range of businesses from pool companies to hair salons. They developed strong business acumen and a code of ethics that would serve them well when they turned their attention to the 'macho' world of the meat industry. With very different backgrounds to those around them, the twins quickly became known as the 'Gentlemen of the Meat Industry' and blazed a trail that others followed.

Permanent Pantry trucks parked outside the factory
A History of Innovation


Their first venture into the meat business, Permanent Pantry, was a unique idea that became a household name in 1980s Australia. They offered bulk home delivery of budget-friendly, lean, trimmed meats and other foodstuffs into supplied freezers. The system worked very well until they were squeezed out by the big supermarkets. As Permanent Pantry was coming to an end, the ever-curious Nicholas stumbled across a "new way to cook roasts with water" at a food expo and was intrigued by the idea. Nicholas enlisted his resourceful brother Micheal to engineer a prototype cook tank to see if they could make this work. The results were sensational and a new business idea was born.

In Safe Hands


In 1988 Nicholas founded Bryopin Meats to pioneer sous vide manufacturing in Australia, bringing a wealth of experience from Permanent Pantry. With the ability to produce perfectly safe, consistently tender cooked meats Nicholas realised early on that sous vide cooking would be the perfect match for the healthcare sector and successfully won many contracts. With a strong vision laid down by Nicholas, Michael joined the new venture and scaled up operations, creating a well-oiled manufacturing machine. Together they established a strong reputation in the industry for quality, consistency and reliability, and shaped a flat company culture that values people over profits.

The Meyer Family: Alex (left), Michael (centre left), Nicholas (centre right), Anthony (right), Kate (front left), Fiona (front right)
The Next Generation


With a strong foundation laid down by their fathers the next generation of Meyers were ready to take the reins having spent years working within the company. Nicholas's eldest, Anthony, became Managing Director. His son Alex became the Sales Director and his daughter Kate took charge of NPD. Micheal's daughter Fiona became Director of HR and Credit. Along with their dedicated team they have grown the business and helped it thrive, expanding into many markets including Food Service, Retail and QSR. On July 1st 2022, Bryopin was rebranded to Meyer Food Co. to bring the family name behind the brand to the fore. The company now produces over 100 tonnes of sous vide product per week and is growing year on year and is about to move into a brand new factory in Kings Park, Western Sydney.

Bryopin Sales Team: Left to Right: Rebecca, Chris, Alex, Nicholas. Pierre
Our Values
Meyer Family Values


Much of our success is due to our strong code of ethics and moral backbone. We stand by our convictions and out from the crowd. As a family business, our core values reflect those of our founders, Nicholas and Michael, and the rest of the Meyer family. The twins shaped a company culture that fits their family values including Integrity, Passion, Dependability, Openness, Empowerment and a deep sense of Fairness. Values that are shared by all those who come to work with the family every day. 


We always do the right thing, especially when it comes to our customers, our products and each other. We take no-shortcuts. We stand by our commitments and honour our promises.


We're driven by a passion for good food. We love what we do and believe passionately in bringing the best food to the most people.


As an essential food service, whole businesses and institutions depend on us to deliver. If we make a mistake. We fix it. We never let them down. For over 32 years we have built our reputation on rock-solid dependability.


We open doors and invite collaboration.

We listen and communicate. We're tolerant of differences. We're always open to new ideas and possibilities. Without openness there is no innovation.  


We are an employees first company. Happy staff mean happy customers. We entrust our employees to take ownership and initiative. We don't micro-manage. We invest in training and reward ambition. We empower our people.


We treat people equally. We're driven by a deep sense of fairness in everything we do. Starting with our employees, we do what is right by people. It's what drives our vision. We all have a right to good food. No one should be left behind.

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