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Revolutionising QSR cooking operations


We work with QSR chains to develop delicious sous vide menu items that are easy to assemble and can be served with reliable consistency at hundreds of locations across the country. In doing so we revolutionise the way these businesses operate by minimising the need for expensive cooking equipment at each store and by cutting down dramatically on total food costs.


We offer total food solutions for QSRs. Our NPD works collaboratively to develop bespoke menu items for easy roll out across stores. We take great care of everything from the generation of new ideas, through to production and delivery.


Consistency is everything for a QSR. Whether it's in Barangaroo or Ballarat the standard must be maintained. With Meyer Food Co, QSRs can rest assured that our supply will be of the same premium quality, tenderness & taste every time.


Our process kills all pathogens, extending shelf life by 12 weeks and cutting down significantly on food handling in your kitchen. Our SQF Food Safety Program is fully accredited by BSI with our SQF rating sitting at 97% ‘Excellent’.


Our sous vide products are so easy to prepare anyone can do it, cutting out the need for experienced cooks while saving time and money across the board including on labour, training electricity and many other overheads.

Chicken Breasts
Pulled Pork
Smoky BBQ
Chicken Wings
Pure USA
Pork Ribs
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