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The Meyer Method offers a significantly smarter way to save and optimise in professional kitchens of all kinds. Find out how we can help your business with our broad range of consistently tender sous vide products and bespoke food solutions.​

We work with QSR chains to develop delicious sous vide menu items that are easy to assemble and can be served with reliable consistency at hundreds of locations across the country. In doing so we revolutionise the way these businesses operate by minimising the need for expensive cooking equipment at each store and by cutting down dramatically on total food costs.

Food Service

Whether we're supplying distributors, caterers, hotels, restaurants, bistros, cafes, pubs or clubs, our products are designed to meet the creative demands of professional chefs working in challenging kitchens. Our restaurant-quality sous vide products give chefs an unmatched ability to offer consistently tender and delicious slow-cooked menu options for a fraction of the cost and effort.

Meals on Wheels

Meyer Food Co. supplies a growing number of Meals on Wheels kitchens, which have all seen a dramatic improvement in their processes while saving money. As the market-leading cooked meat supplier to the health care sector for over 32 years, we're experts in delivering compliant, safe and delicious slow-cooked foods to our most vulnerable.


Life can be hard for those working in isolated and extreme environments. In these conditions, many caterers opt for easier meal options leaving out the beautiful roast dinners and slow-cooked meals from home. Not with Meyer Food Co. Our products come ready to heat and serve. They're so easy to prepare, anyone can do it, anywhere.


Meyer Food Co. cooks 100% pure all-natural proteins without the need for additives or preservatives to extend shelf life. This means we can help create exceedingly healthy meal options for students in the process of learning. From primary schools to universities, Bryopin can deliver healthy, nutritious and delicious brain food.


Whether its through working directly with major retail brands or through third-party further manufacturing partners, Meyer Food Co. offers innovative and award-winning packaged food solutions and supermarket deli options. We stay on-trend and ahead of the pack, offering reliable high-quality products, making us ideal partners for retail brands, private-label lines and top speciality retailers alike.


Food managers in Health and Aged Care can rest assured they've made the right choice with Meyer Food Co. We're the first choice for safety and compliance. We currently supply over 200 Hospitals and 300 Aged Care Homes nationwide and since 1992, have firmly held the NSW Health Government Cooked Meat Contract.  We cook 100% pure meat proteins to consistently tender perfection.


The meat that we use is sourced from farms and feedlots all over Australia. We cook 100% pure all-natural proteins with no additives or preservatives while extending shelf life to 12 weeks. This makes our products ideal candidates for the export market where authentic high-quality Australian produce is in-demand.

Cruise Ships

Being at sea brings with it many challenges when it comes to food service. Because our products have a shelf life of 12 weeks chilled, they are ideal for inclusion on cruise ship menus. With all the slow cooking hard work done on-shore to a consistently high-quality standard, Meyer Food Co's sous vide products are an ideal choice for cruise lines.


With our ability to supply restaurant-quality meals that only need to be heated and served, our products provide an easy way to give our military personnel what they deserve. Our long shelf lives means they provide a great alternative to fresh meat supplies and be transported more easily to our military bases at home and abroad.

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