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The Meyer Method


The key ingredient of our method is consistency at scale. We achieve this using sous vide cooking. Sous vide means “under vacuum” in French and refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food in bags and slow-cooking in water at very precise low temperatures until perfectly cooked We do this at scale, cooking about 100 tonnes of sous vide product per week. These big volumes mean huge savings for our customers.

The Bryopin Method
Australian cattle in the morning sun
Pure and Natural Aussie Meat

We insist on using only 100% premium Australian meat sourced from selected suppliers across the country. We cook 100% pure proteins with no additives or preservatives - but if a recipe calls for it we simply add rubs or sauces for extra cooked in flavour - the choice is yours. We sous vide slow cook in the traditional French way for up to 24 hours. None of our competitors come close. No other cooking method exists that produces more consistently excellent textures and flavours while gently maintaining the natural nutritional integrity of the food bar none.

Precision Cooking


When cooking on a pan or in an oven there is a short window of time where the food is perfectly done and needs to be taken swiftly off the heat. When cooking in water tanks you can raise the temperature just enough to get the food to the exact doneness we desire. The food can then remain at this temperature for very long periods of time leading to exquisitely tender results.

Sous vide cooking graph

Meyer Food Co. by Numbers

120 Tonnes

is the average amount of sous vide product we slow cook per week. These economies of scale mean huge savings for our clients.

12 Weeks

is the shelf life for the majority of our products when chilled below 5°C. Our process kills all pathogens and extends shelf life without the need for preservatives.

24 Hours

is longest time spent in the cook tank for any of our products. This ensures the food is beautifully tender. No other supplier matches us on such long cooking times.

220308_Meyer Food Co_07_0354-Edit.jpg
Your Kitchen Optimised


Our products come trimmed of fat and gristle, shaped for easy portion control and perfectly sous vide slow cooked. They're ready to just heat and serve to allow you to go from kitchen to table in minutes. They are so easy to prepare that anyone can do it. This leads to huge efficiencies in your kitchen. Typically food costs make up 30% of the overall cost of a meal. The other 70% is spent on labour, waste, electricity, complaints, paperwork and training. We slash these costs right down. A significantly smarter way to save and optimise! 



Get an idea of how much time you could be saving  in your kitchen right now with our handy online savings caculator.

Food Costs




Improved yield = improved profit

When cooking proteins in any process, water is lost from the muscle fibres. Meat naturally contains around 70% water depending on the cut and species. Cooking meat conventionally (convection via air or pan) not only result in increased yield loss, but also those valuable juices can’t be retained as they evaporate into the atmosphere! With the precision, low temperatures of sous vide, the loss is minimised – and those juices are captured to form the base of your delicious stocks, gravies & sauces. It’s a win win from every perspective.

Raw vs Cooked Graphic
Alex Meyer giving a very safe factor tour
Delivering Safer Food

Food safety is our top priority. We cut down dramatically on food handling in your kitchen by delivering our products portion-controlled to your specs and fully slow cooked. Our process kills all pathogens and extends shelf life, giving you the option of storing for longer. For your assurance, we employ a dedicated QA team to enforce our SQF Food Safety Program which is fully accredited by BSI.  We’re proud of our SQF 98% ‘Excellent’ rating.

A typical professional kitchen
Innovative Food Solutions


Meyer Food Co. supplies end-to-end sous vide food solutions to many industries (See Work). We pride ourselves on providing lower total cost solutions with high-quality outcomes to a range of food businesses and brands. Our national distribution networks supply Institutional and Food Service markets. We offer total food solutions and innovate with flavours and cooking to create bespoke proprietary products for Retail and Food Service brands. Innovation is in our DNA. We take care of everything from the generation of new ideas to production, design and delivery. We also have a state-of-the-art Ready to Eat processing facility to slice and dice value-added cooked meats to specification (See our Facilities). Along every journey, our clients are supported by our Customer Service, Sales, Operations and Planning teams for ultimate peace of mind. Our experienced team are known for giving outstanding service to our valued clientele.

Experimenting with new flavours
Meyer Food Lab

 Meyer Food Lab love sinking their teeth into new trends, and executing new ideas. We offer Trend Analysis, Planning, R&D, Agile NPD and Sampling.


Our cooking capabilities include sous vide, grilling, ovening & smoking. We also process raw including slicing, dicing, portioning, mincing, marinading, injecting & mixing. For packing we thermoform, pre print & bag & pouch. For safety we post pack pasteurise, RTE pack & HPP.


We’ve recently expanded
our branding capabilities allowing us to offer world-class branding and bespoke packaging design services to our clients.


We deliver nationwide through our distribution partner network. We also transport chilled and frozen products directly within our delivery zone areas. We have warehousing facilities and also make use of Third-Party Logistics & Storage.

Inspecting our sous vide products
We operate our purpose-built manufacturing plant in
Kings Park in Sydney's West.
64 Mandoon Road


At this address is our Fresh Meat Processing Facility. It also houses the Wet Dish Production Unit and our state-of-the-art Ready to Eat "High Risk" Slicing Room. Our Production & Planning Offices are also located here.  

A glance inside our Ready to Eat Slicing Room
The Safest Slicing Facility in Australia


Our purpose-built slicing facility was modelled around the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals where quality control is essential. In the room, we feature positive air pressure to maintain a higher pressure inside treated areas than outside. This means air can leave the area without circulating back in. We have three chambers within the room, all featuring positive air pressure to segregate our processes, to avoid cross-contamination. We use medical-grade HEPA filters and spray washes to ensure we're not bringing in any outside pathogens or contaminants. These stringent measures chiefly centre around listeria control, our number one priority, given our supply of businesses and institutions who feed our vulnerable populations.

Made to Order

We slice a wide range of premium quality Australian sous vide and smallgoods products (View our range). Everything we do within the room is made to order. We don't hold stock. We plan our production daily based on our customer's requirements to give them the freshest possible product as soon as they need it. Our turnaround times are quick and flexible. We only sell usable slices. It's no surprise that we're the market leaders in sliced meats.

Inspecting our cook tanks
91A Mandoon Rd


This is the heart of our Cooking and Cooling operations where the sous vide magic happens.  Everything is inspected before boxing up and sending to 74A for dispatch. Our Accounts, HR & Managing Director Offices are also located here. 

Engineered for Sous Vide Perfection


Our cooking facility is the largest in Australia. To process approximately 100mt of product per week involves 36 cook tanks & 36 ice tanks (each with a capacity of approx. 2000L). Our cooking & cooling production experts manage the day-to-day scheduling of our cooks, hoisting our product in and out of the cook tanks via a semi-automated overhead gantry crane. It's a pretty impressive process, especially considering our cooking infrastructure was designed in-house!

Alex Meyer explains the cooking process during a factory tour
An unbroken supply for over 32 years

We understand the continuity of supply is at the forefront of our customer's minds. We simply cannot afford to let down those who have supported us over the years. In the 32 years of our business, we’ve never ceased supply - nor intend to in the future. Our purpose-built cooking & cooling factory features backup generators, so we can keep cooking when the lights go out.

74A Mandoon Rd


This is where everything gets dispatched and distributed from our facility. It also houses our Customer Service, Sales & Production Planning teams, an ever-expanding group of people dedicated to servicing every need of our customer base.

Product ready for dispatch
A Nationwide Distribution Network


It's at 74a that we warehouse our stock. We feature high, multiple pallet racking, with freezer & chiller space galore. It is from this factory that we dispatch stock to every corner of Australia. With a national reach through our distributor network, we travel from our coolroom door to yours promptly, temperature-controlled the whole way through.

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