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"Hand rolled Australian pork belly stuffed with aromatic herbs & garlic. Slow cooked to perfection. Ready to finish off in the oven for crispy crackling."

sous vide kitchen

finishing instructions

  • Remove from the bag and drain off as much gelatin as possible to give the skin the best chance of crackling well.
  • For best results, salt the skin liberally a day prior. Leave uncovered overnight in the refrigerator. The salt draws the moisture out of the skin and enhances favour.
  • Preheat oven to 240°C, place on an oven rack and cook for 30 mins. An oven rack will help promote air flow during cooking.
  • Reduce heat to 180°C  and cook for another hour, or until until small bubbles form on surface and rind is golden and crisp. It may need  a bit longer to get it just right. No two cuts of meat are exactly the same.

Serving suggestions

Porchetta is the perfect Christmas centrepiece. It’s so succulent and full of flavour the side dishes don’t have to do much heavy lifting. For Christmas, we suggest serving it hot with garlic and lemon broccolini and apple fennel slaw. For leftovers, serve it in a soft roll with a few pieces of crackling, fresh rocket and the sauce of your choice. If you want a Sunday roast style dinner we suggest serving it with a medley of roast vegetable and a salsa verde. Whatever you choose, our Porchetta is sure to be the hero dish this Christmas.

SVK (Sous Vide Kitchen) is manufactured for Harris Farm by BRYOPIN MEATS PTY LTD

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