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The majority of the ham and bacon sold in Australian supermarkets is made from imported pork. We use 100% Australian pork to make sure you get the freshest, tastiest pork products possible - all sliced to order in the safest slicing facility in Australia.
Prager Ham

Our most popular rindless leg ham combines the best in quality & affordability. Perfect for caterers looking to feed the masses.

Roast Pork Leg

Super trim with skin off and sous vide slow cooked to tender perfection, this is the choice option for health and aged care. Ready to slice and serve.

Danish Salami

A traditional Danish recipe salami -finely ground premium pork & beef  lightly seasoned with garlic, pepper & herb. A cheese board favourite!

Leg Ham

Like Christmas ham without the bone, our extra smoky, succulent & juicy, rind on leg ham is top of the range. So good you could roast it for mains.

Pork Carvery

With skin-on for generous servings of crackling our 70% cooked boneless half leg pork carvery is a perfect option for clubs, bistros and the like.

Sliced Prosciutto

Premium thin sliced, tray packed prosciutto - just separate and serve. Dry cured & lightly salty - perfect on a cheese board, pizza or epic sandwich.

Soccerball Ham

Our soccerball ham is a high quality leg ham, cooked in the traditional ‘soccerball’ shape. It’s rindless and perfect for salads & sandwiches.

Pickled Pork Neck

An extra flavoursome traditional option - popular on aged care menus. Big on juicy flavour from marbling yet not overly salty from curing.

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