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Marinated Beef Brisket


Marinated Beef Brisket

Cooking Time Icon

Heat & Serve in 1 hour

Pack Weight Icon

2.5 kg approx. per pack

Per Carton Icon

10 kg approx. per carton

Shelf-Life Icon

12 weeks chilled

Storage Icon

Store between 0ºC and 5ºC




Salads & Sandwiches - Product Codes

2mm / 2kg
2mm / 1kg
2mm / 500g

Main Meals - Product Codes

4mm / 2kg
4mm / 1 kg
4mm / 500g

🔥 Elevate Your Menu with Marinated Beef Brisket - Juicy, Flavourful, and Simply Irresistible! 🔥

🇦🇺 Made with premium Australian grain-fed beef for superior marbling and flavour, our Marinated Beef Brisket is the ultimate BBQ sensation you've been waiting for!

⏳ Slow-cooked for a mouth-watering 20 hours using the sous vide method, this tender and succulent brisket locks in all the natural juices and flavours, creating an unmatched taste experience.

🍽️ The possibilities are endless with this versatile brisket! From delectable roast meat mains to juicy burgers, loaded fries, jacket potatoes, quesadillas, and more - this Beef Brisket won't hold you back!

🔪 No need to worry about grain direction when slicing - our sous vide slow-cooking method ensures it's always tender and juicy no matter how you cut it!

🌟 With a long 12-week shelf life when chilled, storage is a cinch.


Reheating Instructions

in collaboration with


UNOX Combi-Oven

  1. Open pouch and retain jus for gravy.

  2. Probe piece to the centre of the roast.

  3. Heat on 100% steam at 160°C until product reaches core temp of 75°C.

Conventional Oven

  1. Lay roast on oven tray and retain jus for gravy.

  2. Cook uncovered at 160°C for approximately 60 minutes, or until product reaches core temp of 75°C.


Recipe Ideas


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