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👤 People Profiles: Joanne Parkes 👤

Updated: Jul 1

💎 Meet Joanne, A True Gem at Meyer Food Co. 💎

Joanne, is a true gem at Meyer Food Co. With over a decade here and 18 years in previous roles in supermarket and deli meat departments, she brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our team. Joanne's expertise lies in perfecting our delicious ribs with meticulous attention to detail. After many years living in the country, Joanne made the move to Sydney to support her sick family, embracing city life with its bustling events, though she still holds a fondness for the peace of rural living.

At Meyer Food Co., Joanne thrives in a warm and friendly environment, impressed by a well-stocked lunch room, monthly birthday celebrations with cakes lovingly made by Jeff Hutchens’ daughter, and even Easter eggs handed out by Noreen, which add a personal touch of appreciation. Family is at the heart of Joanne’s life. Her husband, Adam, has been with Meyer Food Co. for nearly 12 years, just six months longer than Joanne. Married for 39 years, they are a close-knit team both at home and in the workplace. Joanne’s stepfather walked her down the aisle, and she fondly recalls the life lessons from her adaptable and capable mother. Joanne treasures her nan’s quirky can opener, a cherished memento that reminds her of Nan’s advice on the importance of kindness.

While she loves to cook a range of dishes, Joanne's favourite food to make is sweet potato, seasoned with BBQ spices and crisped to perfection in her trusty air fryer. Her top cooking tip? "Clean up as you go!" For comfort food, nothing beats her mum’s shepherd's pie, a dish filled with hidden veggies and endless love. Joanne isn’t limited in her culinary adventures, not only has she tried well-prepared snails and frogs’ legs in French cuisine, but she also enjoyed them.

A devoted Roosters fan, Joanne used to enjoy watching matches live but now prefers the cosy comfort of home after taking her dog, Diesel for a walk. Music is another passion, with favourites like "Always" by Bon Jovi and "Horses" by Daryl Braithwaite. Joanne’s love for concerts extends to capturing the magic through her camera lens, having attended memorable shows by legends like Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Cher, Dragon, Cold Chisel, and Sherbet. At home, Joanne’s photography passion extends to her koi fish, some of which are 17 years old and have grown impressively since she first got them. She enjoys capturing underwater shots of these beautiful fish, adding to her collection of cherished memories.

Joanne’s blend of professional dedication, personal warmth, and fun-loving spirit makes her an integral member of the Meyer Food Co. family. Her story reflects the diverse and vibrant community at Meyer Food Co., where each individual contributes their unique journey, enriching our collective spirit.

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