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👤 People Profiles: Roxy in Dispatch 👤

Updated: Jun 26

🌟 Meet Roxy, Our Outstanding Dispatch Manager 🌟

Starting as what she humorously describes as a "pallet pusher," Roxy's journey has been nothing short of inspirational, progressing to become our exceptional Dispatch Manager since starting over six years ago.

Throughout her time with us, Roxy has not only mastered her role but also embraced invaluable life lessons. She has learned the importance of patience, teamwork, and the power of asking for help. These lessons have shaped her into a true leader who understands that collaboration and respect for diverse working styles are key to success.

Adapting to change is no small feat, and Roxy has shown remarkable resilience, especially when it came to learning our new phone system. Initially, she faced challenges remembering the new number codes but ingeniously associated them with product codes she already knew. For example, she linked Courtney's number, 109, with the product code 109. This clever strategy extended to other colleagues, earning them playful yet endearing nicknames like Burnie (Chris Wilson) for our 128 Burnt Ends and Salty (John Jordan) for our 115 Salt & Pepper Beef. Luke, drew the short straw, now affectionately called Knuckle Head, owes his nickname to our 117 Beef Knuckle.

Outside of work, Roxy's life is equally vibrant. Whether she's helping out at her partner’s farm, hunting pigs, or cherishing moments with her three grandkids, she brings the same energy and dedication. A passionate home cook, Roxy loves preparing Indian dishes with ingredients from her local grocer, showcasing her love for good food even if she prefers home-cooked meals over dining out.

To stir things up with her grandkids, Roxy has even tried eating a cricket and a Christmas beetle. While she didn't enjoy them or recommend them as your next weekend snack, she definitely relished the reaction she got out of the kids.

Thank you, Roxy, for your unwavering enthusiasm and dedication over these years. You truly embody the spirit of teamwork and resilience, making our workplace a better place every day.

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