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Corned Beef Eye Round


Corned Beef Eye Round

Cooking Time Icon

Heat & Serve in 40 mins

Pack Weight Icon

3 kg approx. per pack

Per Carton Icon

10 kg approx. per carton

Shelf-Life Icon

12 weeks chilled

Storage Icon

Store between 0ºC and 5ºC

Aged Care


Salads & Sandwiches - Product Codes

2mm / 2kg
2mm / 1kg
2mm / 500g

Main Meals - Product Codes

4mm / 2kg
4mm / 1 kg
4mm / 500g

🍽️ Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Our Corned Beef Eye Round - Tender, Flavourful, and Simply Irresistible! 🍽️

💕 For over 25 years, Meyer's special corned beef recipe has captured hearts and delighted taste buds. Lightly brined to perfection, our eye round boasts a delectable medallion shape with a flavour that's both tasty and perfectly balanced - never too salty.

👨‍🍳🍽️ Minimally processed, this premium corned beef requires no trimming or special knife work.

❄️ With a 12-week shelf life, this corned beef stays fresh in the refrigerator for a long time, ready to serve hot or cold.

🥪For mouth-watering sandwiches, slice it straight from the bag.

⏲️ To serve this tempting corned beef hot, retain a small amount of brine for the bottom of the pan, and cover with foil for reheating. In just 45 minutes at 180°C you'll have tender, delicious corned beef.

🍴🌟 Moreish and easy-to-serve, our corned beef can be reheated even faster sliced. Lay the slices on a tray, add a bit of liquid like brine or stock, cover with foil, and reheat in just 20 minutes.

🛍️🥪 Save hours in the kitchen and add comforting corned beef to your menu. Create value for your business with Meyer's Corned Beef Eye Round


Reheating Instructions

in collaboration with


UNOX Combi-Oven

  1. Open pouch and retain jus for gravy.

  2. Probe piece to the centre of the roast.

  3. Heat on 100% steam at 160°C until product reaches core temp of 75°C.

Conventional Oven

  1. Lay roast on oven tray and retain jus for gravy.

  2. Heat uncovered at 160°C for approximately 40 minutes, or until product reaches core temp of 75°C.


Recipe Ideas


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