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Marinated Beef Silverside Flat


Marinated Beef Silverside Flat

Cooking Time Icon

1 hour

Pack Weight Icon

5 kg approx.

Per Carton Icon

11 kg. approx.

Shelf-Life Icon

12 weeks chilled

Storage Icon

Store between 0ºC and 5ºC

Aged Care



Salads & Sandwiches - Product Codes

2mm / 2kg
2mm / 1kg
2mm / 500g

Main Meals - Product Codes

4mm / 2kg
4mm / 1 kg
4mm / 500g
1087 Marinated Beef Silverside Flat topdown on table with roast vegetables and yorkshire pudding

  • Meyer Food Co. Roast Meats are amazing! Good quality, tender and juicy – time after time.

  • All roasts are well trimmed of fat and gristle and are ‘sausage’ shaped for portion control.

  • Roasts are cooked in a barrier pouch to exclude oxygen and bacteria, and have a long shelf life after cooking stored at 5ºC or below. They are consistent in size, shape, yield & cooking doneness.

  • Because the roasts are cooked they make meal preparation simple and fast.


Reheating Instructions

in collaboration with


UNOX Combi-Oven

  1. Open pouch and retain jus for gravy.

  2. Probe piece to the centre of the roast.

  3. Heat on 100% steam at 160°C until product reaches core temp of 75°C.

Conventional Oven

  1. Lay roast on oven tray and retain jus for gravy.

  2. Heat uncovered at 160°C for approximately 60 minutes, or until product reaches core temp of 75°C.


Recipe Ideas


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