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Roast Pork Leg


Roast Pork Leg

Cooking Time Icon

Heat & Serve in 40 mins

Pack Weight Icon

4 kg approx. per pack

Per Carton Icon

10 kg approx. per carton

Shelf-Life Icon

12 weeks chilled

Storage Icon

Store between 0ºC and 5ºC

Aged Care


Salads & Sandwiches - Product Codes

2mm / 2kg
2mm / 1kg
2mm / 500g

Main Meals - Product Codes

4mm / 2kg
4mm / 1 kg
4mm / 500g

🔪 Skin-Off Roast Pork Leg - The Speedy Solution for Succulent Roasts!

🐖 Looking to save time in the kitchen without compromising on quality? Look no further than our Skin-Off Roast Pork Leg - the unsung hero of efficient and delicious roasts.

🌏 Provenance Matters: Crafted from 100% premium Australian pork leg, our skin-off offering brings you the best in taste and quality. No compromises.

🕰️ Time-Saving Brilliance: With a 12-week shelf life, this sous vide marvel reduces waste and allows you to serve up a roast in a fraction of the time. Efficiency at its finest!

👨‍🍳 Conveniently Packed: Each pack is perfectly prepared, ready to go whenever your kitchen desires a show-stopping roast.

👌 Consistent Excellence: No more guessing games. Enjoy consistent, mouthwatering results every time you bring out the Skin-Off Roast Pork Leg.

🍽️ Versatile Serving: Serve it with or without crackling, tailoring your presentation to suit your needs. Get creative!

🔥 Quick Reheat, Full Flavor: In just one hour, you can have this pork leg ready to steal the show. That's speed without sacrificing taste. ⁉️ How do we do it? To learn more about the sous vide process:

📈 Create Value for Your Business: Elevate your menu and minimise waste.


Reheating Instructions

in collaboration with


UNOX Combi-Oven

  1. Open pouch and retain jus for gravy.

  2. Probe piece to the centre of the roast.

  3. Heat on 100% steam at 160°C until product reaches core temp of 75°C.

Conventional Oven

  1. Lay roast on oven tray and retain jus for gravy.

  2. Cook uncovered at 160°C for approximately 40 minutes, or until product reaches core temp of 75°C.


Recipe Ideas


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